About Us

We are Passionate about Fresh Produc e


De Sol Corp. i was established in 2006. It has established itself very quickly and has become a premier produce provider. The owner’s have more than 15 years experience in the produce industry. De Sol has become a fruitful company that is determined and committed to provide quality produce and excellent service for many years to come.





The main focus of De Sol is to import the best quality produce in a timely manner, never jeopardizing service. Our continuous efforts are to reach the very best service possible. Our products are 100 % Mexican. That counts on freshness and abide by all the sanitary and safety requirements. In the same manner all our products are handled and selected properly by qualified personnel. We have four branches.
The Mexico City branch specializes and focuses on our specialty items. A distribution center is located in Tijuana Mexico. This branch has a special department that handles quality control. They ensure that all products imported to the United States are the best quality and presentation.
Our Veracruz Branch is responsible for selecting the very best product at the most competitive prices. Finally our San Francisco Corporate office, is where all of the salespeople and Administrators can be contacted.
The De Sol team consists of a group of people that are honest and hardworking with integrity. They are dedicated to provide the best possible customer service.


De Sol is a family owned company in which its core value and objective is to fully guarantee the products arrive to our consumers table in the most optimum freshness. De Sol is the exclusive and proud distributor of Diablos label.
Three main components of our Company:
1. Quality in all of the products that we offer.
2.Consistency is every single shipment, both service and quality.
3. Continuity, have products always available at the customer request.